Bunker Samples ‘Bunker Strings Vol.1’: A New Approach to String Texture Sampling

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Text 2021-04-23


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Bunker Samples ‘Bunker Strings Vol.1’: A New Approach to String Texture Sampling



Bunker Samples, a new virtual instruments developer founded by Danish composer and violinist Nicolaj Nielsen, is proud to announce availability of 'Bunker Strings Vol.1'. 


‘Bunker Strings Vol.1’ is Bunker Samples’ debut release and represents a new approach to string texture sampling. With the density slider the user can control dynamics and density of the texture by seamlessly changing the ensemble size on the fly, something that is only possible through the power of sampling, making ‘Bunker Strings Vol.1’ a true virtual instrument in it’s right, and ideal for film, games and TV music. 



© Bunker Samples

Conceived and recorded at a World War II bunker located in the deep underground of Copenhagen, Denmark and mixed from sampled materials recorded over 19 hours, ‘Bunker Strings Vol.1’ contains a selection of eclectic and quirky long articulations such as drumstick- and ricochet tremolo, but also features some of the most powerful short col legnos on the market, recorded using a drumstick instead of the traditional bow. It’s designed to be easy to mix with existing string libraries, thanks to the dry recording quality and useful stereo image controls on the interface.  


‘Bunker Strings Vol.1’ is not a normal string library. It is a texture library you can actually play like an instrument. If you are looking to spice up your string writing and add a distinct modern edge to your sound arsenal, this is the library for you. 


* 'Bunker Strings Vol.1' earned a 'Best New String Library of 2019 Nomination' from Sample Library Review.



© Bunker Samples




  • 78 instrument patches
  • 4,706 samples (mixed from over 10,000 samples)
  • 7.87 GB uncompressed Wav files
  • 3.86 GB lossless compressed size
  • Comes with the bonus library 'Gongster Loops' (Only available with purchase)
  • Requires the FULL version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6.6 or later




$39 USD (Ex. VAT)

(Spring Sale price until April 30th, 2021 — rising thereafter to $59 USD.)



The original prototype version of Bunker Strings, 'Scary Viola Pizz', is available free of charge from here.



** 'The Adventure Bundle' ($59) is available until April 30th, 2021, save even more when you buy Bunker Strings Vol.1 together with Off-World Vol.1 (normally $39). 



*** 'The Artist Bundle' ($59) is available until April 30th, 2021, save even more when you buy Bunker Strings Vol. 1 together with The Harmonium (normally $49).



For more information on ‘Bunker Strings Vol.1’








thesteelydane · Bunker Strings Vol. 1 demos







About 'Bunker Samples' (

The mission of Bunker Samples is simple: to create the highest quality, innovative virtual instruments, in order to inspire composers and musicians around the world. The focus is not always on re-creating real instruments in the virtual domain, but rather to explore the power of sampling to create virtual instruments that bend the rules. This is how Bunker Strings was borne: free from the constrains of traditional sampling “realism”, Bunker Strings creates dynamics and texture density changes by seamlessly changing the ensemble size on the fly.







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