Bunker Samples ‘Off-World Vol.1’: The Creative and Modern Approach to Vietnamese Traditional Instrument ‘Dan Bau’

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Text 2021-04-23


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Bunker Samples ‘Off-World Vol.1’: The Creative and Modern Approach to Vietnamese Traditional Instrument ‘Dan Bau’



Bunker Samples, a new virtual instruments developer founded by Danish composer and violinist Nicolaj Nielsen, is proud to announce availability of 'Off-World Vol.1'.


‘Off-World Vol.1’ is one-of-a-kind instrument for film, TV, trailer and game composers. It gives you huge and cinematic sounds with a unique focus — “Organically performed pitch bends into target notes”. The sound source of ‘Off-World Vol.1’ is a Vietnamese 'Đàn Bầu', an ancient monochord instrument, played in an un-conventional way such that bowed with a violin bow, and then processed through an octave generator, distortion and reverb. The most striking feature of the Dan Bau is a bamboo handle controlling the tension of a long metal string, making this instrument particularly good at expressive pitch bends, which is the main focus of ‘Off-World Vol.1’.  



© Bunker Samples

Every pitch bend was carefully performed at 4 different lengths, each covering a range of 1 to 4 semitones above and below the target note. Add in 4 different lengths of non-bending bowed samples, and every single note in this library can be played in a staggering 36 different ways. To control this amount of choice you get a new bespoke Kontakt engine, which makes it easy and intuitive to play. Any of the 3 main parameters can be mapped to velocity control, allowing you do things not possible on a normal synth — like simultaneous up and down bends.


The processed samples of ‘Off-World Vol.1’ are the biggest sounding samples  that made by Bunker Samples so far. They sound huge and otherworldly, and can add instant drama and awe to any film, TV, trailer or game scores. You will get all the dry, unprocessed samples mapped in the engine (“creator patches”), making it easy to do your own sound design. Since the modern version of the Dan Bau features a guitar style pick-up, these sounds take extremely well to any kind of FX you would normally use on a guitar. 



© Bunker Samples


  • Total 4,212 samples
  • 36 ways to play each note
  • 13 instrument patches
  • 12.21 GB lossless compressed size
  • Comes with the bonus library 'Gongster Loops' (Only available with purchase)
  • Requires the FULL version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6.6 or later




$29 USD (Ex. VAT)

(Spring Sale price until April 30th, 2021 — rising thereafter to $39 USD.)


* 'The Adventure Bundle' ($59) is available until April 30th, 2021, save even more when you buy Off-World Vol.1 together with Bunker Strings Vol.1 (normally $59).



For more information on 'Off-World Vol.1'











thesteelydane · Off-World Vol. 1 Demos









About 'Bunker Samples' (

The mission of Bunker Samples is simple: to create the highest quality, innovative virtual instruments, in order to inspire composers and musicians around the world. The focus is not always on re-creating real instruments in the virtual domain, but rather to explore the power of sampling to create virtual instruments that bend the rules. This is how Bunker Strings was borne: free from the constrains of traditional sampling “realism”, Bunker Strings creates dynamics and texture density changes by seamlessly changing the ensemble size on the fly.






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