XILS-lab ‘KaoX’: A Virtual FM Synthesizer Powered by Analog Synthesis and Chaotic Algorithms

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Text 2021-05-21


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XILS-lab ‘KaoX’: A Virtual FM Synthesizer Powered by Analog Synthesis and Chaotic Algorithms 



The French virtual instrument and effect plug-in developer company XILS-lab has recently released 'KaoX' — A virtual instrument inspired by a legendary FM synthesizer, reinforced by Analog Oscillator and Filter, and sublimated by Chaotic Algorithms in an advanced two-layer architecture allowing for a powerful sound creation with easily understood signal path through the use of illuminated modules in a GUI (Graphical User Interface). 



© XILS-lab 

KaoX provides two synthesizer layers — UP (upper) and LO (lower) — and these layers can be played Single, Double or Split. Limited controls are available in an easy-to-tweak simplified view, including Tune, Drift, Vibrato, Tremolo, Glide, and four deep and warm Effects (Chorus, Delay, Phaser, Reverb) with independent routing, enabling users to easily play presets and to tweak them accordingly. 



© XILS-lab


The Advanced Panel shows all main parameters at a glance, allowing more adventurous users access to KaoX’s internal modules to tweak or change any parameter therein, aided by contextual help windows, while active modules are helpfully illuminated.  



© XILS-lab 


FM synthesis options are available on each of the two available layers with eight operators grouped in two banks with independent pitch — useful for creating chorus-like FM sounds or punchy stereo patches — and two outputs. Each FM operator features one LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator), one Envelope, Wheel and Aftertouch access, two user-definable external modulators (assignable to any KaoX modulation source), Keyboard follower 2D pad, Ratio or Fixed frequency selection, and a Low-pass filter. 



© XILS-lab 

Analog synthesis options are also available on each of the two available layers with two continuous waveform Analog Oscillators, two zero-delay like Analog Filters, four D-ADSR envelopes, and four VCA outputs for bringing a deep, warm and living sound. 



© XILS-lab 


KaoX allows its users to create sounds that they had never thought possible, thanks to two Chaotic Oscillators and two Chaotic Modulators.  



© XILS-lab

KaoX provides a 4-Track Step Sequencer, where each track can be assigned to the UP or LO layer with independent sustain and gating or used as a source of modulation.



© XILS-lab 

Preset Manager allows users to find the right patch in seconds, manage presets and sound banks, and create his or her own tags. Kaox comes with more than 500 presets programmed by world-class sound designers such as Nori Ubukata, Soundsdivine, Tom Wolfe, Zensound, Mikael Adle, Xenos, Status, Yuli-Yolo and more.





  • Two independent layers that can be played Single, Double or Split
  • Four deep and warm effects with independent routing
  • One Advanced Panel for tweaking the various modules
  • Contextual help windows
  • Global view with active modules illuminated
  • Eight FM operators structured in two banks with independent pitch
  • One Cross-Modulation Matrix with access to the Analog and Chaotic oscillators per FM operator
  • Two Analog Oscillators
  • Two Zero-Delay analog filters
  • Two Chaotic Oscillators
  • Two Chaotic Modulators
  • 4-Track Step Sequencer
  • Two LFOs for vibrato and tremolo
  • Two independent arpeggiators



KaoX is available in the following formats:

  • Mac OSX 10.9 or later (64 bits only): VST, Audio Unit, AAX (native). Compatible on Big Sur with Rosetta (native Apple Silicone will be available soon)
  • Windows 7, 8, and 10 (32 & 64 bits): VST, AAX (native)




€99.00 EUR

(Introductory promo price until June 15, 2021 — rising thereafter to €179.00.)



* KaoX is available to purchase as an iLok (2 and 3 dongle hardware or software) protected plug-in.

** You can download a Demo Version with limited features for free: here.



For more information on 'KaoX'










About 'XILS-lab' (

Based in Grenoble, France, XILS-lab is an audio software company, created, and managed by Xavier Oudin. Having created some of the best known virtual instruments and effects plug-ins on the market for various companies over the last 20 years, today he focuses on bringing his passion for audio, instruments, and music to bear on his own company. Working with highly-skilled professional musicians and sound designers, the company collectively believes that a virtual instrument or effect is not simply a series of mind-boggling mathematical algorithms designed and scrutinized over by bookish PhD engineers but rather a useful and useable musical tool made for musicians. Moreover, XILS-lab loves to create virtual instruments and effects that inspire its users to create more imaginative music than they ever dreamed possible.






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