K-Devices ‘Shaper 2’: A Multi-FX Plugin that Redefines or Totally Destroys Any Kind of Sound Sources for Your Creativeness

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Text 2021-06-12


© K-Devices

K-Devices ‘Shaper 2’: A Multi-FX Plugin that Redefines or Totally Destroys Any Kind of Sound Sources for Your Creativeness



K-Devices, a French innovative developer of music software tools, has released 'Shaper 2' —  a Multi-FX plugin designed to redefine or totally destroy any kind of sound sources for creative outcomes. Shaper 2 is a deeply creative tool that combines K-Devices’ classic wave-shaper with an innovative multi-fx processor. Shaper 2 supports VST, AAX, and AU (Audio Unit) formats in Mac and Windows. 



Shaper 2 is composed of four modules that can be re-arranged in any order for various outcomes of sound design:


(1) 'GATE': Glitch Gate with a Smooth parameter

This module provides controls of Gate Threshold and Gate Smooth. Gate Threshold sets an amplitude threshold and Gate Smooth sets an interpolation time in order to get a smoothed transition between the signal above and below the threshold.  


(2) 'SHAPER': Waveshaper with 5 inspiring functions — Muffin, Multistress, Cracker, S&M, and Bits&Samps

SHAPER module features five functions and the parameters of this module change according to the selected function. Muffin is a digital warming function with a distinction in the weight that noise takes in the wet signal. Multistress is a highly fragmented function giving a modulated FM-ish results. Cracker is similar to Muffin, with an attenuated dynamic response. S&M is an amplitude modulation formula where modulation is driven by bended audio ramps. It provides a metal-like flavor to processed sound. Bits&Samps is a standard bit crusher.  


(3) 'TRANSFORM': Transform module with Clip, Wrap, Fold, and sFold functions

Transform module features four functions — Clip, Wrap, Fold, and sFold. Transform amount controls the incoming amplitude level. The signal will be affected by selected Transform function.


(4) 'RESONATOR': Resonator/Short Delay, that can act as a comb filter as well

This module provides Resonator Time and Resonator Decay controls. Resonator Time controls delay time of the resonator and Resonator Decay sets decay of resonator feedback.


The Lopass and Hipass filter was added to Shaper 2 as a new feature allowing users to further fine-tune the processed sounds.  



© K-Devices

Shaper 2 allows users to add a self-designed destructive touch to their sound works. You can emphasize basslines by tweaking the Waveshaper sections such as Blend and Color, or increasing the clip’s value. This also works great on drums and acoustic percussive sounds. You can also blow digital coldness into your synths with the S&M and Bits&Samps functions, or increasing the Wrap and/or Fold values. Thanks to the exclusive Glitch Gate section you can add unpredictable dynamic glitches to your sounds. 



Additional Features of 'Shaper 2'

  • Modular Structure: Drag and reorder modules as you prefer. Create and save different chains for different needs.
  • Graphics: Beyond a classic oscilloscope, two displays show the exact function you are using to process incoming sounds.
  • I / O: You choose how to feed Shaper 2 and how to mix it using the Gain and Mix parameters.



System Requirements:

Available as VST / VST3 / AAX / AU formats.

  • Any 64-bit compatible DAW
  • MacOS 10.9 or higher
  • Windows 8.1 or higher



* Shaper 2 is part of Phoenix Series plugins bundle. The Phoenix Series from K-Devices uses classic effects as a springboard for deep, intuitive and creative sound tools. The Phoenix Series plugins are multi-platform, available as VST, AU, and AAX, for Mac/Win, and work for a variety of instruments and styles. The Phoenix Series plugins are capable of familiar effects as well as experimental and randomized sound shaping.







For more information on ‘Shaper 2’







k-devices · Shaper demo














About 'K-Devices' (

K-Devices was founded in 2012 by France-based Italian composer Alessio Santini to design music creation tools for Ableton Live and other music platforms. His products, which include HEXO, ESQ, Twistor, MOOR, Holder, HERSE, AutoBeat, Drumk 2, REF, Shaper, Moovmi, EXT, KFLUX, KFLUXin, and KFLUXsy, are used by an international roster of musicians and are available online at






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