Exonic UK ‘AI MASTER’: A Fully Automatic Mastering Plugin driven by Artificial Intelligence of Audio Analysis

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Text 2021-06-14


▲ AI MASTER in 'Analyse' mode

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Exonic UK ‘AI MASTER’: A Fully Automatic Mastering Plugin driven by Artificial Intelligence of Audio Analysis



Exonic UK, a British software developer offering professional audio production tools, has released 'AI MASTER' — A fully automated mastering plugin based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology of audio analysis. AI MASTER automatically analyzes your music and applies the optimal settings to achieve a great sounding fully mastered track. AI MASTER requires minimal input and no previous knowledge in audio mastering to achieve fully professional results. AI MASTER is available as a 64-bit VST2 and VST3 plugin for Windows and as an AU (Audio Unit) plugin for Mac. 



▲ AI MASTER in 'Master' mode

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AI MASTER is running under Artificial Intelligence assisted processing. AI Master will enhance and optimize the dynamic range, spectral balance, stereo field and overall level to conform to established standards, making your music ready to distribute across multiple platforms, and played on any audio system. In the entire processing of AI MASTER, no user input required other than switching from ‘ANALYSE’ to ‘MASTER’ mode when the track has finished playing.


For mastering your song with AI MASTER, simply load AI MASTER in your DAW of choice and let it listen to your song. AI MASTER loads in ‘ANALYSE’ mode, in this mode it is actively listening to any audio routed to it and preparing to adjust multiple parameters it deems necessary to produce a fully mastered track from the audio. Once AI MASTER has listened to your song from start to finish, you can switch it into ‘MASTER’ mode. Simply play your song and check that your track is now mastered. 



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  • The settings that AI MASTER has chosen to master your track will be automatically saved along with your host project.
  • You can switch AI MASTER on and off freely to hear the changes that it made to the audio without affecting the mastering parameters.
  • AI MASTER fully supports offline processing. It is possible to 'ANALYSE' a track during render / export / freeze, then switch to 'MASTER' mode.
  • It is possible to master a short loop rather than an entire track.
  • Like a human mastering engineer, AI MASTER prefers to receive audio at around -6dB. However, it will produce good results with any peak level between -12dB and 0dB.




£69.00 GBP



* You can download a Trial Version for free. The Trial Version features full functionality but introduces intermittent noises/mutes. Please try the Trial Version before purchasing to ensure compatibility with your setup.



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About 'Exonic UK' (

Guy Rotem, a British musician, sound designer and software developer, founded Exonic UK in 2020 after working as a product manager and lead instrument developer at Waves Audio for 6 years. His pledge to you, fellow creators, is to provide you with unique, inspiring and useful plugins, each a result of a singular, specific vision. Exonic UK is the trading name of Guy Rotem.






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