Audio Brewers ‘Tangent Drum’: A Complete Steel Tongue Drum Sound Sampled in Ambisonics

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Text 2021-07-03


© Audio Brewers

Audio Brewers ‘Tangent Drum’: A Complete Steel Tongue Drum Sound Sampled in Ambisonics



Audio Brewers, the first company to create sample libraries and virtual instruments recorded, mixed, and delivered in Ambisonics, has just released its fourth ambisonic Kontakt library 'Tangent Drum'.


Tangent Drum features a Steel Tongue Drum sampled in so many innovative ways and techniques offering endless ways of playing and experimenting. Audio Brewers has gone overboard to make Tangent Drum be the last steel tongue drum you will ever need.  



© Audio Brewers

From typical finger tipping and mallets, all the way to playing Tangent Drum with brushes, a wrench, and even an bowed, Audio Brewers team have created a massive set of articulations comprised of 5 Core, 13 Prepared and 10 Sound Design — 28 Articulations in total.



▲ 'Macro' Mic Position

© Audio Brewers

Tangent Drum was sampled with tradition in mind — but this time in immersive Ambisonics: An overhead Ambisonics microphone mixed with an ‘Overhead’ pair of mics create a three-dimensional spatial field that will blend with your music perfectly.


Audio Brewers team placed an Ambisonics microphone ‘Inside’ the resonance box of the instrument to capture the unique resonances that happen all around the instrument itself, to help you hear as if you were trapped inside the steel drum. This is a unique perspective.


Audio Brewers team also tried something new with ‘Macro’ perspective, in which they placed an extremely sensitive microphone as close as possible (1 to 2 millimeters) from each tongue so as to capture the sound as soon as it emanates from the steel tongue. They later mixed these macro samples in Ambisonics so you can feel all the tongues surrounding you at perfect intimacy. 



▲ Sample Deconstruction

© Audio Brewers

As a steel tongue drum contains around 10-12 notes, Audio Brewers team understand you have been dealing with pitch artifacts when you really want to play far from the pitch center. For this reason, they developed a technique called ‘Sample Deconstruction’, in which each and every single sample are decomposed to their Tonal, Atonal and Resonance properties.


These helped Audio Brewers team create an instrument with 6 octaves of full life with no pitch artifacts on the transients, so you can now go crazy on that keyboard and have a 6-octave steel tongue drum at your disposal.


In addition, Audio Brewers team created patches in multiple keys (C, D, E, F, G, A, B) so no matter the key your song is in, Tangent Drum will resonate constantly with it. 



© Audio Brewers

You can manipulate all these layers independently with versatile Tangent Drum engine, so you can design your own sound at your finger tips.


Tangent Drum comes both in Stereo and Ambisonics, so no matter if you compose for Stereo, Immersive, Spatial Audio, Surround, Atmos and even custom speaker-arrays, Tangent Drum is natively compatible. 





  • Mix, Overhead, Inside, Macro mic positions
  • Recorded, mixed and delivered in Ambisonics and Stereo
  • 28 Articulations (5 Core, 13 Prepared, 10 Sound Design)
  • 25 Tailored Presets
  • Multiple Round Robins and Velocities
  • Pristine 24bit / 48kHz resolution
  • Stereo + Ambisonics: 117GB compressed to 37GB (lossless)
  • Over 68,900 samples
  • Compatible with any speaker array configuration*, including Stereo, Binaural, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, Spatial Audio, Atmos, and Custom Speaker Arrays
  • Requires full version of Kontakt 6.2.1 or above (It will Not work with Kontakt player)


*Ambisonics Fromat is natively compatible with any speaker array configuration as long as a third-party decoder can support it.





€39.00 EUR

(Intro price until August 1st, 2021 — rising thereafter to €69.00 EUR.)


*If you are a student or educator, please contact 'Audio Brewers' ([email protected]) for a request of Educational Discounts.




For more information on 'Tangent Drum'







Demos in stereo  

Audio Brewers · Tangent Drum








About 'Audio Brewers' (

Audio Brewers is a sample library developer pioneer in creating products in native Ambisonics. From the recording stage to mixing and delivering, we work exclusively to make sure you have sonically rich content with the utmost fidelity and realism. The company was born as a way to offer new alternatives to musicians, composers, sound designers, and producers to expand the boundaries of their creativity.




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