Record a MIDI Track

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Record a MIDI Track


Record a Drum Track

  • Your song may have one constant beat throughout, many different patterns or be played "live" on the keyboard all the way through.
  • If you can play along with the metronome accurately and want to play the beat on the keyboard, you can record the MIDI data in a track and assign the output to your DAW.
  • If you can't play along with the metronome accurately or want the precise sound of a drum machine then you will create patterns in a track.


Record a Bass Track

  • Find an appropriate patch by browsing the presets or create your own sound. Don't be afraid to "tweak" parameters of a preset if you want to alter the sound.
  • Whatever patch you use, make sure the Polyphony to 1 (monophonic).
  • Have the Bass play similar rhythms that the kick (bass) drum is playing for extra "punch".


Record a Chord Track

  • The chord track could contain fast rhythms or possibly hold out one chord.
  • A chord contains more than one note at a time, usually three or possibly four.
  • Chords typically include at least one of the notes contained in the Bass track.






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