Otto Audio ‘II II II II’: A Guitar Amp Simulator Plugin that generates Immersive High-Gain Amp Effects for Heavy Music and Brutal Tones

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Text 2021-11-22


© Otto Audio 

Otto Audio ‘II II II II’: A Guitar Amp Simulator Plugin that generates Immersive High-Gain Amp Effects for Heavy Music and Brutal Tones 



The American audio software developer Otto Audio has released 'II II II II' (“The Eleven Eleven”) — A guitar amp simulator plugin that provides immersive high-gain amp experiences for the guitarists who is obsessed with distortion characteristics, detailed saturation and complex harmonics.


The II II II II brings you closer than ever to a full amp experience by placing you perceptually right in front of a cranked stereo wall of sound. You do not need to listen no longer to a mic’d cab in the other room played back through your control room speakers. 



© Otto Audio 


The combination of rich harmonics, non-linearities and cascading gain stages produce unrivaled heavy tones that growl and feel as real as physical amps. So, the II II II II reaches lower, punches harder and snarls more viciously than any other amp on the market.


The II II II II is ideal for heavy music (e.g. heavy metal) and brutal tones, down-tuning, baritones, extended scales, 6, 7, 8 & 9 string guitars. This plugin is available for Mac & PC (AU, VST3, AAX) and can also be used as a standalone app for live use.  



© Otto Audio 



  • Groundbreaking WIIDTH™ effect: Unrivaled Dual tracked effect that creates a wall of sound from a single guitar DI or performance
  • The pinnacle of high-gain tone through cascading gain stages, non-linearities and harmonics
  • Ultra-reactive feel & realism through Dimensional IR's™ impulse response
  • Unique to II II II II, Impedance load selection for greater tone precision
  • Reach lower and punch harder with Descending Harmonics™
  • Direct access to dial in the power amp bias, resonance, voltage sag, feedback circuit, plus speaker impedance & Dimensional IR's™
  • Permutation math of unique combinations and tones is in the tens of thousands, create tones that truly have never been heard
  • 13 selectable tonal structures that give you the wide gamut of the usual suspects and champions of High Gain
  • Class AB circuit design - Like many of the greatest amps available, cascading tube distortion, saturation & complex harmonics that results in the ultimate pursuit in heavy music: tones that are absolutely dripping
  • Built-in overdrive, +10db boost switch, Low boost switch, output circuit mod and so much more
  • Can also be used as a Standalone App - For live use, riffing without the need for a DAW



System Requirements

  • Available for Mac & PC (AU, VST3, AAX)
  • Optimized for Mac M1 Chip, Big Sur as well as previous Mac OS versions
  • No iLok usb is required (Free iLok License Manager and account at




$111.11 USD


*A Free 14-Day Trial version is available.



For more information on 'II II II II'
















About 'Otto Audio' (

We make premium audio weapons. The II II II II is the creation of the guitarist & vocalist of the band ‘LOW THRONE’ ( All the distortion, all the saturation, all the harmonics, because more is more. Heavy music has always been about achieving MORE - pushing the limits of what’s possible. Otto Audio strives to embody that through a variety of audio weapons.






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