Deadline Entertainment ‘IGUANA - Karma Edition’: The Extremely Detailed Sounding Sampled Drum Kit with a Variety of Mic Positions and Controls for NI’s Free Kontakt 6 Player

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Text 2022-06-23


© Deadline Entertainment

Deadline Entertainment ‘IGUANA - Karma Edition’: The Extremely Detailed Sounding Sampled Drum Kit with a Variety of Mic Positions and Controls for NI’s Free Kontakt 6 Player 



The brand new German audio software developer Deadline Entertainment has recently released 'IGUANA - Karma Edition' — The extremely detailed sounding sampled drum kit for Native Instruments’ free Kontakt 6 Player providing 120GB NCW (Kontakt’s lossless compression format) samples across 35 individual mic positions, 4 snares, 2 individual Samsun cymbal sets, separate left and right kick drums, 4-zone ride, 4-zone hi-hats, 2 rooms and more.


IGUANA - Karma Edition was recorded in the paradisal halls of Karma Sound Studio in Bang Sare, Thailand. The Deadline Entertainment engineers built their drum set with Cube Personal Drums according to their very specific sound ideas and then sampled it in extreme detail. The samples of 120GB compressed, which corresponds to an original size of 350GB, were recorded in 48kHz and 24bit and the number of samples is about 261,000. Each of the samples has up to 8 dynamic layers and each instrument has up to 24 round-robin samples. 



© Deadline Entertainment

IGUANA - Karma Edition is split up into 3 instruments: Clear Kit, Red Kit, and Submix Kit. Both Clear Kit and Red Kit are Full Kit instruments carrying all recorded mic channels straight and untouched. These two instruments provide 29 microphone positions with full bleed. Submix Kit offers all recorded drum-variations with 8 pre-balanced submixes. This instrument is ideal for a lightweight usage and is fully compatible with the Full Kit instruments for further production.



© Deadline Entertainment

In the making of IGUANA - Karma Edition more than 30 mic positions were placed and many of them captured the crosstalk from each adjacent microphone. With IGUANA - Karma Edition users can manipulate the intensity of the crosstalk to change drum sound sonically. The 3D scans of the drum set and the Karma Sound Studio provide users with authentic, entertaining, and educational visual experiences. Especially, the animation of the drumming is very realistic and vivid like a real drum being performed without a drummer. 



© Deadline Entertainment

The MIDI Machine, the Deadline Entertainment’s exclusive invention, is an intelligent virtual drum-assistant, that interprets a chosen loop based on the user’s conducting. So, users can create grooves on the fly. Also, It manages the output, so users can make their groove as realistic as possible. IGUANA - Karma Edition offers 16 assignable FX Busses with a compressor, EQ, tape saturation and reverb. There are two FX sections: FX1 section holds the 8-band channel-EQ and FX2 section holds the Bleedmixer and the IR-section. With the Bleedmixer users can reduce or mute the crosstalk of certain instrument groups entirely to separate the dedicated microphones. The Dynamic / Swing / Mood sliders are hired to adjust the loop in realtime. The Dynamic slider adjusts the intensity of the groove; the Swing slider adds a groovy swing amount to the loop; the Mood slider manages the internal variations of the loops.  



© Deadline Entertainment




  • 120GB (350GB uncompressed) NCW samples recorded in 48kHz / 24Bit
  • Separate Left / Right hand samples
  • 7 Bass Drum variations (separate Left / Right)
  • 4 Snares, 4 Toms, 4 Hi-hats (4 zones, separate edge / tip)
  • 4-zone Ride, 10 Crashes, 2 Chinas, 2 Splashes, 2 Cowbells
  • 27 Single Microphone Positions
  • 8 Balanced Submixes
  • 2 Room, 2 Overhead options
  • Graphical full parametric EQ per channel
  • 16 FX Bus Slots (Comp, EQ, Tape Saturation, Reverb)
  • 2 separate Submix channels
  • Individual Channel Routing Options
  • 4 AUX sends to IR section
  • Purge option for Each Channel
  • Customizable Key Mapping
  • Advanced MIDI Translation Matrix
  • Advanced MIDI Machine
  • Hi-Hat CC (Continuous Controller) Control
  • Compatible with Native Instruments' free Kontakt 6 Player



System Requirements

  • Mac OS 11 or 12 (lastest update)
  • Apple Silicon Macs (via Rosetta 2 & natively on ARM in Standalone or in hosts that support it) or Intel Macs (i7 or higher)
  • Windows 10 or 11 with Intel Core i7 or equivalent CPU
  • 16GB RAM (for Full Kits) or 8GB RAM (for Submix Kit)
  • SSD Drive
  • At least 372GB of free space on your hard-drive (In case you want to use Native Access' Installation process)




€299.00 EUR (Sales Tax included)



For more information on 'IGUANA - Karma Edition'




















About 'Deadline Entertainment' (

We are a brand new company, founded by German rock band 'B.D.S.M. - Big Dick Sex Machine' to revolutionize Rock n Roll Entertainment. Our passion is to make amazing art and events, and for these we make plug-ins and software. From artists to artists, from producers to producers. Making art should be fun and inspiring. So take a look and join our story. There’s a lot to discover!






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