The Terminology Generally Used in Agreement between Artist and Record Label (1)

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Text 2022-07-01

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The Terminology Generally Used in Agreement between Artist and Record Label (1)


Exclusive Recording Services: During the contracted term, Artist should only render recording services for the Company and should not render recording services for any other party.


Master Recordings: Artist will deliver to the Company technically satisfactory recordings containing not less than 40 minutes of playing time (the "Master Recording"). The Company can release a commercial product embodying the material contained on the Master Recordings.


Territory: The rights granted to the Company are limited to ________ (the "Territory").


Professional Name: Artist will perform and record under the professional name ________. Artist should not use a different name in connection with the Master Recordings.


Right to Use Artist's Name and Likeness: The Company can have the right to reproduce or distribute in any medium, Artist's names, portraits, pictures and likeness for purposes of advertising, promotion or trade in connection with Artist or the exploitation of the Master Recordings. Artist should be available from time to time to appear for photography, video performance, or the like, under the reasonable direction of the Company. Artist may not be entitled to any compensation for such services except for reimbursement of travel expenses. 






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