Tritonet ‘Tritonet Musical Calculator’: The Novel Tool to Design Harmonies of Entire MIDI Tracks based on Its Harmony Network in Ableton Live

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Text 2022-07-07


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Tritonet ‘Tritonet Musical Calculator’: The Novel Tool to Design Harmonies of Entire MIDI Tracks based on Its Harmony Network in Ableton Live 



The Turkish pianist and composer Tolga Zafer founded music software company Tritonet has recently released its first product 'Tritonet Musical Calculator' — A harmony performance device for Ableton Live that allows users to design harmonies of entire MIDI tracks with ease based on its harmony network in Ableton Live. It enables users to change harmony on the fly, even on stage, and your MIDI instruments to play in tune, even when using complex and dynamic harmonic structures. Unlike others, not only users can create smooth chord progressions, but also can distribute this information to all MIDI tracks and let MIDI clips follow the chordal structure dynamically. Moreover, it regulates your entire MIDI setup so you can play any harmonic scheme with confidence, no matter how complex it is.


Tritonet Musical Calculator provides an innovative way of learning and applying music harmony. It can be seen as an evolution of the Circle of Fifths into the 21st century, enabling a wide array of possibilities for utilizing music theory both in the traditional way and in terms of exploring new territories. It makes learning and performing music theory much more accessible by relying on a sense of direction and focusing on building the intuition behind harmony.  



▲ Tritonet Master

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Tritonet Musical Calculator consists of three devices: Master, MIDI and Resonator. Tritonet Master is the brain of the harmonic network system. It has two sections. Left side shows the Circle of Fifths with additional components on it, acting like a compass for music theory. From this view, you can visualize your harmony and also send MIDI data by clicking on the notes. The right side of the window contains information about the overall harmonic location, current harmonic position, chord signs and the control window. Tritonet MIDI is used to control the MIDI tracks harmonically. It contains a scaler, Tritonet MIDI device and a couple of useful stock MIDI effects. With Tritonet MIDI you can switch in between five different harmonic zones such as neutral, bass, tenor, alto and soprano. When you switch to one of these, you will get a dynamic change on the scale object for each chord you are producing. Tritonet Resonator controls the stock resonator module of Ableton Live. This device actually opens a new door by adding resonance signals to your audio files such as drums, speech and vocals. With this you can create soundscapes and many other sound effects.



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Tritonet Musical Calculator is implemented as a set of Max/MSP patches which provide a music harmony toolset for the music production in Ableton Live. At its core, it enables controlling the harmony of an entire Ableton project. Tritonet Musical Calculator lays out the scale into the keyboard symmetrically around the note D (D Dorian), enabling users to play by relying on their intuition and sense of symmetry without assuming knowledge of musical scales. Tritonet Musical Calculator can also produce smooth chord sequences with voice leading. The chord information is distributed via Dynamic Pitch Mapping to multiple tracks, changing their initial scales dynamically. This allows MIDI clips to follow the harmonic structure of the Ableton project.



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Tritonet Musical Calculator provides 300+ scales, SATB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) type chord creation, full automation, Dynamic Pitch Mapping and Push integration. Users can use harmonic templates to change their entire music. For example, you can apply Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata chord progression to your song with just a click.




  • 300+ Scales
  • Control the harmony of entire Ableton Live set
  • SATB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) type chord creation
  • Harmony automation
  • Dynamic Pitch Mapping
  • Let MIDI clips follow your harmony
  • Play always in tune with your MIDI equipment
  • Ableton Push integration




£30.00 GBP


*Please make sure you install the font after your purchase of Tritonet Musical Calculator. (Download the font from here.)



For more information on 'Tritonet Musical Calculator'













▲ Tolga Zafer









About 'Tolga Zafer', founder of Tritonet ( 

Tolga Zafer was born in 1975, Anatolia, Turkey. He learned piano and composition from Faris Akarsu, Ilhan Usmanbaş, Fernando Benadon and Kamran Ince. He completed his master degree in composition at MIAM (Turkey) and his doctoral degree (DMA) at University of Memphis (USA). He taught in university level at University of Memphis, Akdeniz University and Bilgi University for 15 years. He has composed music for symphonic, ethnic instruments and synthesizers. His music has been played in six continents. He also arranged music for multiple international ensembles. He performed classical, jazz, ethnic world, rock, funk, pop and electronic music. Tolga Zafer designed Tritonet Musical Calculator both for pedagogical and performance purposes. He continues his research on music theory and algorithmic composition techniques.






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