General Instructions on Compressor Usage

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Text 2022-07-12


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General Instructions on Compressor Usage


Before you start to compress the signals, listen carefully to the dynamics of the uncompressed signals and the sound quality. As you compress the signals, use the bypass button to go back to the uncompressed audio to hear the difference. 


With more and more compression affecting the signals, you will notice the gain reduction LEDs will be lit more frequently. The more LEDs that light, the more gain reduction is taking place. The more often the lights go on or stay on, the more continually the compressor is attenuating the signals. As you compress a signal, it will lose some of its level. To compensate for this gain loss, adjust the output gain control to raise the level. Notice also that will get different effects with different compression ratios.


You may also find that the compressor may not seem to react to the signal very accurately. It may start to compress too late, or not release its compression soon enough, or vice versa. When you are compressing dynamic range you are affecting the ADSR envelope of the sound. There is a great deal of time related information involved in this envelope and you must take this into consideration when you compress a sound. You will have to adjust the attack and release times so that the compressor acts in a way that follows the shape of the sound's envelope. 






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