The Terminology Generally Used in Agreement between Artist and Manager (1)

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The Terminology Generally Used in Agreement between Artist and Manager (1)


Guidance and Advice: Manager should give guidance and advice in order to enhance Artist's career in the entertainment, music and related industries. This guidance and advice should include methods of presenting Artist's music and talents and the selection and coordination of business managers, accountants, and booking agents who may obtain employment for Artist.


Engagement of Services: Manager should serve as Artist's exclusive agent for the exploitation and promotion of Artist's music services and products.


Negotiation and Execution of Agreements: Manager should work in association with Artist in the negotiation of recording, merchandising or other agreements affecting Artist.


Key Person Provision: _______ ("Key Person") of Manager's company should directly oversee the day-to-day performance of its services. In the event that Key Person is not directly involved in the day-to-day activities, Artist may be entitled to terminate the management relationship.


Commission During the Term: Manager will be entitled to _____ percent of Gross Revenues received by Artist during the term. "Gross Revenues" will be defined as all money including advances and fees received by Artist in connection with Artist's entertainment-related activities excluding _______. 






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