How to Interim Mix

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How to Interim Mix


Do a mix of your song without using any effects processors other than panning, EQ and dynamics. Your mix should demonstrate a good grasp on how to use EQ, panning, compression and gating.


You should include in your mix:

  • EQ - Bear in mind mix relationships and masking issues
  • Panning - a full, true stereo mix spread from left to right
  • Compression - on any instruments that need compression
  • Gating - on any instruments with undesirable leakage
  • A triggered effect (optional)


Make sure your mix is clear, big/full sounding, and has a vocal (if any) that has presence. And of course the mix should not go over 0 dBfs (no clipping).


When you are done with your mix, document your work with the following information:

  • Which tracks did you EQ?
  • Which tracks did you compress?
  • Which tracks did you gate?
  • You triggered the gate with the drums (for example)






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