Digital Sound Factory 'E-MU Proteus Rack': The Kontakt Library that brings The Original Sounds of 6 Legendary E-MU Proteus Sound Modules with free Kontakt Player

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Text 2022-09-12


© Digital Sound Factory

Digital Sound Factory 'E-MU Proteus Rack': The Kontakt Library that brings The Original Sounds of 6 Legendary E-MU Proteus Sound Modules with free Kontakt Player 



'E-MU Proteus Rack' is a Kontakt library that brings the original sounds of 6 legendary E-MU Proteus sound modules — Proteus 2000, Mo' Phatt, Virtuoso, Xtreme Lead-1, Planet Earth, and Vintage Pro. It was initially released in March 2019 by Digital Sound Factory, an American virtual instrument development company. This library is designed to work with Native Instruments free Kontakt player, the full version of Kontakt, Komplete, and Maschine. Also, it is NKS compatible and can be controlled by NKS hardware.


E-MU Proteus Rack delivers over 3,500 legacy sounds that work seamlessly with Native Instruments software and hardware. Digital Sound Factory has been able to license from E-MU the original sound library samples, and they have been remastered to work on multiple modern computer plug-in formats. The spirit of the original E-MU hardware is well represented to this product. E-MU Proteus Rack is compatible with all Mac and PC’s DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). 



© Digital Sound Factory

The E-MU Proteus sound modules revolutionized the world of digital music performance and composition. In 1990, E-MU released the original Proteus, which was a rack-mount sound module that featured pre-loaded samples stored in ROM. In the late '90s and early '00s, the Proteus 2000 style product line was the second generation of the Proteus family with 128 voice polyphony, arpeggiator, solo mode, effects, and four sound ROM slots for a total 128MB sounds.


E-MU Proteus Rack was designed and produced by the original E-MU sound and graphic designers. Starting with the original hardware sound samples, Kontakt instruments were mapped and programmed to match the hardware sound modules. The powerful script programming integrates the hardware functionality to the software for the same great look and feel as the original sound modules.



© Digital Sound Factory

Each module of E-MU Proteus Rack includes main control, amplifier envelope, keyboard control, effects control, arpeggiator, and solo mode. The effects and arpeggiator are tempo synced to any incoming bpm from your DAW, and these can be adjusted via the rate knob. The Audition function is available for the NKS compatible controller that allows for audition when browsing through presets. This function allows users to hear the sounds before they load the presets.


E-MU Proteus Rack is designed to work with all Native Instruments NKS hardware enabled products. NKS seamlessly integrates the hardware and software allowing control in both directions. Software parameters are displayed on the hardware and mapped to the controllers. Sounds are tagged with category names to quickly locate the desired sound.  


© Digital Sound Factory


  • Designed for free Kontakt Player, full version of Kontakt, Komplete, Maschine, and NKS hardware
  • Dynamic graphic interface allowing hardware like functionality
  • Module programs grouped, ordered, and tagged to match the hardware
  • 3 Effects Busses with control of parameters
  • 32 Step Programmable Arpeggiator
  • Solo/Mono Mode with Legato & Glide Control
  • Komplete Kontrol Previews
  • Compatible with all NKS hardware controllers




$99.95 USD


*E-MU Proteus Rack is also available in SoundFont, Logic EXS24, Pro Tools Structure, PreSonus Studio One, and Cakewalk Dimension Formats: here to purchase.



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About 'Digital Sound Factory' (

Digital Sound Factory’s mission is to develop and provide high quality license free audio sound downloads for computer software synthesizer users. We started the company in 2007 and have developed a line of exciting products. The Digital Sound Factory team of expert sound designers have recorded and produced all of the sound libraries available at our site. Founder Timothy Swartz is a 20-year veteran producer of the E-MU Systems sound libraries. The successful Emulator and Proteus sound products were a result of numerous recording sessions, sound processing, and programming to achieve the ultimate musical results. Hit songs, movies, television shows, and advertisements have been created using these comprehensive sound libraries. Digital Sound Factory libraries provide the opportunity to experience and use these world-renowned sounds regardless of your current computer platform.






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