Function Loops offers FREE 'DrumVault' Drum Machine Virtual Instrument Plug-in

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Text 2022-11-08


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Function Loops offers FREE 'DrumVault' Drum Machine Virtual Instrument Plug-in 



Israeli renowned music tech and sound design company Function Loops has just started offering 'DrumVault' virtual instrument plug-in for free for celebrating its 11th birthday of business.


DrumVault is a free drum virtual instrument plug-in for DAWs on Windows and macOS. This drum machine features a 4x2 pad configuration and brings various drum sounds, percussions, and instrument/vocal hits for many musical genres.


DrumVault is intuitive in controls and provides easy-to-use global controls such as volume, lowpass filter cutoff, and reverb. The sample section allows tweaking individual parameters including volume, pan, attack, and tuning for each sample. In addition, you can assign an output stereo channel for each sample in case you wish to use external effects per sample.


DrumVault consists of 52 kits inside with a total of 416 samples. The kits are grouped into EDM, Pop, Reggaeton, R&B, and Synthwave/Retro folders.


DrumVault is available in VST/VST3 for Windows and VST/VST3 & AU for macOS. All the samples contained in DrumVault are 100% royalty-free, so you can use these sounds in your commercial projects with no restriction. 




  • Free download
  • 52 kits with 8 pads/samples per kit
  • 416 samples in total
  • 100MB size on disk
  • Global volume, lowpass filter cutoff, and reverb
  • Sample volume, pan, attack, and tuning
  • Pad/sample output stereo channel
  • 100% royalty-free



Download 'DrumVault' virtual instrument plug-in for FREE


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Function Loops LTD ( is a music tech and sound design company, officially launched in 2011. For over a decade, we develop sounds  and production tools for DJs, producers, musicians and beat makers, who require to add inspiration to their work. Our  products are constantly charting at Splice, Producer Loops, Loopmasters, Loopcloud, LANDR and other main players on the market. As well, are being used by famous DJs and grammy-awarded producers.  Function Loops is Splice Awards winner for most downloaded sound of the year. With hundreds of thousands sounds to choose from, we deliver all the popular genres of electronic music. The main vision of our company, is giving a chance to as many people around the world, experience music creation and art behind it. We work/worked with companies such as Bandlab, Yamaha, Razer Music, Splice, LANDR, Loopmasters/Loopcloud and any other main player in the market. Function Loops is an ultimate resource for top quality sounds. Once purchased, you have legal rights to use our sounds in commercial projects and seek success with your career.






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