Kalide has released 'Collage 2.0', A Major Update of The Playful Multi-Effects Plug-in Environment

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Text 2024-02-12

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Kalide has released 'Collage 2.0', A Major Update of The Playful Multi-Effects Plug-in Environment 



The American music technology company Kalide has recently announced the release of 'Collage 2.0' which is major update of the playful multi-effects plug-in environment, Collage. Collage is a multi-effects audio plug-in for AU/VST/AAX designed to quickly take your music to new and unexpected places with a unique and customizable user interface. From hideous mutations to ambient vistas, Collage's unique processors cover the full range of audio effect treatments from modulation, dynamics, equalization, reverberation and more.


Collage 2.0 comes with many user suggested features such as ability to assign multiple params and LFOs, 8 new effects processors, new visual assets for designing your custom interfaces, over 400 new presets each with their own GUI, improved performance and more. Collage 2.0 is free to existing owners of Collage. 


Through the month of February Collage 2.0 will be offered at $129 USD down from the list price of $179 USD.



© Kalide

New Effect Processors by Category


CALICO (echoes) 

  • Ouroboros: reverse echo


VERBAL (reverbs)

  • Ghost Image: room style reverb
  • Mirage: FDN reverb with complex modulation on the tails


PANOPLY (stereo field processors)

  • Midas: mid side EQ
  • Guardian: mid side limiter


CREST (gates and expanders)

  • Sift: volume dependant noise generator
  • Lemon: auto wah wah


QUELL (compressors)

  • Zing: midrange compressor/expander


  • 450 new presets




$129 USD

(This is a discounted price from the regualr price of $179 USD throughout February.)


* A free demo version is available.



For more information on 'Collage 2.0'




Collage 2.0 Effect Full Walkthrough 



Making a preset with Collage 2.0 







About 'Kalide' (

Kalide is a music technology company creating playful products that change how we make and interact with music. Kalide is based out of Los Angeles and Dublin. Collage is the product of 4 years of work and your support helps us continue to refine and expand it at no additional cost to you.






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