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Review #7





i) S/PDIF: Designed for consumer level of digital equipment in 2 channels. Supporting 96k. Usually RCA phono plugs. Phono jack (2 ch: 1 input, 1 output) or toslink (Optical cable, ADAT)

ii) AES/EBU: Professional 2 ch. Balanced XLR.

iii) ADAT (Light pipe): 8 ch. Uses toslink. 





Clocks (Sync)

i) Word clock: BNC

ii) ADAT sync: 9 pin





Pro Tools key commands


Tab to Transient: Shift + Tap



Routing: Inputs, Outputs, Sends

- Inputs for audio tracks & auxiliary input tracks can be assigned to audio interface channels or busses (mono)

- Outputs for audio tracks & auxiliary input tracks can be assigned to audio interface channels or busses (stereo 1-2 & mono 1-2): Main (physical outputs) / Sub paths (Internal outputs for submixing)



Pro Tools lets you insert up to 5 sends on each audio track or aux input:

i) Sends can be set as pre-/post fader

ii) Send level, mute, pan are fully automatable

iii) Each send can have multiple assignments

iV) Send controls can be displayed and edited from the Mix/Edit windows



Open ‘New Track’ Dialog: Apple () + Shift + N

- In new track dialog cycle through track type: + <-/-> (stereo/mono)

- Cycle up/down through New track options: + /↓ (Audio/Midi/Aux input/Master fader)



Record & Playback Menu:

- Start record: + space bar / F12

- Stop record: space bar

- Stop record & discard take: + (.)

- Start/Stop playback: space bar

- Loop playback toggle: + shift + L

- Quick Punch: + shift + P

- Set & Enable pre/post - roll time: Option + Click with selector before/after selector



Import Audio Dialog

- Remove item from List: + R

- Import current selection: Enter

- Import All: Shift + + I




- Horizontal Zoom In/Out (Audio + Midi): + ]/[

- Vertical Zoom In/Out (Audio): + Option + ]/[

- Vertical Zoom In/Out (MIDI): + Shift + ]/[



Memory Locations

- Create memory locations: Enter

- Reset a memory locations: Control + Click on memory location button



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