What to Consider in Microphone Techniques?

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Text 2019-02-11

▲ 5 Common Stereo Microphone Techniques    

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What to Consider in Microphone Techniques? 



Condenser Mic:

- Accurate transient response

- Extended Hi Frequency response (usually)

- Fatter response



Dynamic Mic:

- Softer transient response

- Hi Frequency roll-off

- Generally, shaped response




Important points in Mic Techniques:


1) Mechanics of the instrument’s tonality

- How, What => The component elements of the instrument’s tonality


2) Propagation and radiating properties of the instrument

- Directivity


3) Acoustics of the space


4) Microphone choice (Condenser/Dynamic)

- How show present range and extended sound (also, richness)





- Metal, wood, plastic bridge with string:

Bridge => mechanical transducer (bridge radiate vibration)


- Guitar neck influences tonality


- You can increase sound quality by position


- Acoustic guitar’s body thickness:

Thicker => dark sound

Thinner => light (bright) sound


- Any instrument has:

‘Primary direction’: General sounds

‘Secondary direction’: Different properties of sounds

ex) Putting a drum set against flatter wall => unique sounds


- Amplifier is also important for sounds:

ex) Mesa Boogie => great for rhythm guitar

High-gain (power) Guitar amp:

Boxer amp





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