Components of synthesizer (1)

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Components of synthesizer (1)


Components of synthesizer:

1. Hardware (e.g. keyboard, sound module, ..)

2. Synthesis Engine (e.g. oscillator, sound chip, ..)

3. Controller (e.g. pitch wheel, modulation wheel, ..)

4. Storage Device (e.g. usb, memory card, ..)

5. Additional Sequencer (e.g. built-in sequencer (workstation))



1. Hardware

a) Keyboard

b) Sound module


*Keyboard is composed of a physical keyboard and a local micro processor that calculates all the actions that occur in a physical keyboard, and the data created by micro processor is sent to sound module.


*Sound module is composed of I.C. (Integrated Circuit)  of sound sources and CPU (control the I.C.), Waverom, DA-Converter, Audio Circuit, Front Panel and power supply. Front Panel shows the variables the user manipulates.



When the CPU receives the data calculated by micro processor in the Keyboard and activates the I.C. then the I.C. takes the desired data from the Wave rom and plays it. At the same time, the data is sent to the DA-Converter and turns into an audio signal, which makes the sound we can hear.



▲ Block diagram of PCM synthesizer

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