Components of synthesizer (5)

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Text 2019-03-05

▲ Synthesizer Workstation internal sequencer


Components of synthesizer (5) 


Components of synthesizer:

1. Hardware (e.g. keyboard, sound module, ..)

2. Synthesis Engine (e.g. oscillator, sound chip, ..)

3. Controller (e.g. pitch wheel, modulation wheel, ..)

4. Storage Device (e.g. usb, memory card, ..)

5. Additional Sequencer (e.g. built-in sequencer (workstation))




5. Additional Sequencer

A product with a sequencer on a synthesizer is called a workstation.

Ensoniq SQ-80 was the first workstation type synthesizer, which combines sequencer with synthesizer. Since then, Korg M1, Yamaha SY77, Kurzweil K2000, and Ensoniq TS-10 have been introduced on the market as synthesizer workstation. These workstations enabled creating music using internal sequencer, and sound tones were edited through internal synthesizer engine or external sound modules. 




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