Basic Waveforms of Synthesizer: Sawtooth Wave (1)

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Text 2019-04-28

▲ A sawtooth waveform generated by the internal synthesizer, and its time-domain display (left). The harmonics present are clearly shown in the spectrum display on the right.

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Basic Waveforms of Synthesizer: Sawtooth Wave (1)


Sawtooth Wave

The sawtooth wave, created by the synthesis of sine waves in the analog synthesizer, is the core of the vintage sounds

- In usual, colorful tones are made by sawtooth waves in analog synthesizers

The sawtooth wave has almost uniform integer harmonics on its fundamental frequency

Because sawtooth waves are quite rough, unlike sine waves, they can be deformed into various tones by removing the harmonics using filters

Sounds that can be made using sawtooth waves in synthesizers are (a)Analog Strings, (b) Analog Brass



▲ Sawtooth Wave and it's harmonic spectrum

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