The Mix Styles

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The Mix Styles


Here are some ideas about how to approach each style of mix. Use these pointers as a guide:



Pop (Radio) Mix

1) There should be lots of sonic contrast and separation

2) The mix should be bright, but warm

3) Keep the vocal(s) on the "dry" side and keep it "in your face"

4) Remeber the somewhat narrow dynamic range of broadcast radio



Club Mix

1) Lots of drama here. Build your song to a dynamic climax

2) You want a hard and fat rhythm section so people don't lose the beat

3) Feel free to add techno-ish overtones with a house flava

4) Make me move



Alternative Mix

1) This has got to have a fat, warm bottom end

2) Make sure the Bass/Kick combo is clear

3) You want that "big" snare sound

4) Go for lots of depth but with the vocals out front




Psychedelic Mix

1) Move your sounds around. Get lots of motion and depth in the mix

2) Go for syrupy, drippy vocals

3) Create a "wall of sound" on the bottom end

4) Don't make the mix too bright. You want warm and airy




*We will look further for these four mix styles in the upcoming Lab section articles* 






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