Things that What Studio Drummers Must Know

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Text 2019-08-26

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Things that What Studio Drummers Must Know



- Drummers should look at the drums as the foundation of everything: the record, the groove, the song and the entire mix. Everything is based around the sound of the drums.



- A drummer's ability to understand the beat and how to shift the feeling and vibe, to be on top of the beat or behind the beat, is incredibly essential to the other musicians playing together. If a drummer doesn't understand the difference of interpreting a beat and interpreting swing feel, and cannot be able to rock and groove behind and on top of beats and all of that stuff, then  he or she isn't a person who can musically communicate with other band members. 



- It is very important for the drummer to like the sound of his drums. If he doesn't like the sound of his drums, then he isn't going to put out a maximum performance.



- It is important for the drummer and the engineer to communicate each other and for the drummer not to feel afraid to mention to the engineer that it isn't sounding the same to him in the headphone as it is sounding in the studio.



- It is important for drummers to realize the effect of listening to the drums too loud in headphones. The freedom offered by multi-channel personal headphone mix boxes also can lure drummers into setting up headphone sounds that unwittingly compromise their performance. If you are not hearing what you are playing, sound-wise and level-wise in the headphones, then you are pretty much going to be a sterile player.



- It is very important that drummers are fresh and don't "think". Then you just get a natural flow of performance. 






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