Historic Synthesizer: Roland D-50 (6)

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Text 2020-05-13


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Historic Synthesizer: Roland D-50 (6)


D-50 Structure (1)


Roland D-50's synthesis structure consists of a mix of analog and digital. The D-50 is designed with an excellent structure that can faithfully implement sound synthesis and original sound reproduction, which are the essential functions of synthesizers, to meet the needs of users, given the fact that analog synthesis are properly combined with digital PCM and additional Ring modulation is adopted.


The structure of LA Synthesis, the main synthesis method of D-50, was already mentioned in previous articlesIn a recap, the D-50's sound patch consists of two tones, each of the tones is divided into two partials, and each partial is considered to be the same as an analog synthesizer. The key way to make an excellent patch using D-50 is how to effectively combine these four partials; the point of these combinations is in structure. The table below shows the relationship between PCM sound and Synthesis sound in D-50.



▲ Synthesis structure of D-50

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