[New Artist On Air] Razvan Mitroi "Last Sunset With You"

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Text 2020-09-23


▲ Razvan Mitroi "Last Sunset With You" album cover

[New Artist On Air] Razvan Mitroi "Last Sunset With You"




Razvan Mitroi, is a Romanian songwriter and record producer. He started producing music with FL Studio and a MIDI keyboard while watching several tutorials on YouTube.



▲ Razvan Mitroi

The story behind “Last Sunset With You” album, it's about a couple which is on the edge of breaking apart because of lies and misunderstandings but in the end, they manage to get over those issues and stick together as the love is more powerful than any obstacles.



© Razvan Mitroi

On 9 September 2020, Razvan Mitroi announced via his social media that his single “Summer Vibes” has passed 500.000 streams on Spotify. He also reached 55.000 monthly listeners on Spotify and his music was used in more than 10.000 videos on TikTok.





Razvan Mitroi · Summer Vibes









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