Intimate Noise 'BLUE ROBOT': A Rare Collection of Sentimental and Impactful Sounds

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Text 2020-11-20


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Intimate Noise 'BLUE ROBOT': A Rare Collection of Sentimental and Impactful Sounds



Blue Robot is a collection of sentimental and impactful sounds, widely ranging from dark beats to weird synth experimental SFX outcomes, curated to spark inspiration and add an electric timbre to the projects used.


Including 217 pristine audio files, of a total size of 840MB, at the price of $29, it is now available for all The Music Telegraph's readers at 30% OFF, using code BR30FORMT at checkout, valid until Wednesday, November 25th.


Learn more about 'Blue Robot': here 


There's also an running 10% OFF storewide for Intimate Noise's friends, with coupon code IN10OFF2020, that can be used in conjunction with the above coupon as well.




- 217 royalty-free audio files

- 840MB | 24bit - 44.1kHz

- 50 Pads // Drones

- 55 Loops

- 70 One-Shots

- 42 SFX & Voices



Serafim Tsotsonis (the author of 'Blue Robot')

Serafim Tsotsonis, an electronic musician and sound-designer who's worked on multiple and diverse projects, from composing music for films to releasing on KEXP's Hush Hush Records to remixing diverse artists, collaborates with Intimate Noise to release his signature sound pack.






About 'Intimate Noise' (

Intimate Noise was created to offer a fresh point-of view in the existing, slightly antiquated market of sample packs and production techniques. Unique samples, when used appropriately, should be able to help you, as a producer, shape your own voice and offer your productions that spark needed to take them to the next level.


By collaborating with hand-picked artists of various genres, we are offering an eclectic, yet extremely diverse -and constantly expanding- library of tools and sounds to help you find inspiration and produce your next masterpiece!


Someone called it "Samples that Matter", actually that's what it's all about.

Intimate Noise · Serafim Tsotsonis - Blue Robot // demo track #1

Intimate Noise · Serafim Tsotsonis - Blue Robot // demo track #2
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