Audio Brewers ‘Signals Blue’: A Custom Texture Design Tool Automatically Adapts To Any Keys or Chord Progressions

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Text 2021-02-22


© Audio Brewers

Audio Brewers ‘Signals Blue’: A Custom Texture Design Tool Automatically Adapts To Any Keys or Chord Progressions



Audio Brewers, the first company to create Sample Libraries and Virtual Instruments recorded, mixed, and delivered in Ambisonics, has just released its second ambisonic Kontakt library Signals 'Blue'.


Signals 'Blue' is a sound library designed for composers who need to quickly sketch their music containing textures in the background while other instruments dominate the foreground. If you are composing a piece for a solo instrument or a very slow composition with a lot of empty spaces, Signals ‘Blue’ comes to the rescue as you will be able to fill these gaps with beautiful textural atmospheres that you can customize as you wish and that most importantly will be coherent with your harmony as they were designed to draw specific chord progressions and harmonies from simple triads to complex scores with full of tensions. For Signals ‘Blue’, what do we mean with harmonically coherent atmospheres, it’s just a matter of selecting the tone you are on and you have a matching set of chords that will help you follow harmonies without needing to search for which chords fit where. They are always coherent with the tonality that you’re on. 



© Audio Brewers

Unlike other textural libraries in which samples are ready with baked effects or pulses, the team of Audio Brewers decided to create raw textural samples so that you would be in control of the results thanks to Signals Blue’s powerful and versatile engine. By having these textures in raw, you will decide how they combine, how they pulse, how they modulate and which effects are applied - a complete textural Swiss-army knife.  



© Audio Brewers

Since Audio Brewers’ philosophy is to create sample libraries in Ambisonics so that they can be compatible with any speaker-array, the team of Audio Brewers saw the sampling phase as a new challenge and instead of using plugins with reverbs or virtual halls, they partnered with 'Dust Bowl Cinematicand spent a great deal of time to research and develop an acoustic art installation that would reshape sounds in a custom three-dimensional sphere, they called it ‘Pandora’. Thanks to Pandora, the team of Audio Brewers have been able to offer Digitally Processed samples in an organic Ambisonics environment - everything that they captured and mixed was the natural replica of real acoustic morph.



© Audio Brewers





- 10 RAW atmospheres delivered in chords voicings and multisamples.


- 120 Chords (40 minor chords, 20 major chords, 40 dominant 7 chords, 20 dim/m7b5 chords).


- Recorded, mixed and delivered in Ambisonics and Stereo.


- Pristine 24bit / 48kHz resolution.


- 50 Tailored Presets.


- Natively compatible with Stereo, Surround, Binaural, VR and any speaker array configuration.*


- Over 15,000 samples.


- 60 GB compressed to 28.3 GB (lossless)


- Requires full version of Kontakt 6.2.1 or above. (It will NOT work with Kontakt player)


* Ambisonics Format is natively compatible with any speaker array configuration as long as a third-party decoder can support it.



© Audio Brewers


€49.00 EUR


*If you are a student or educator, please contact ‘Audio Brewers’ ([email protected]) for a request of Educational Discounts.



Fore more information on ‘Signals Blue’







Audio Brewers · Audio Brewers - Signals 'Blue'









About 'Audio Brewers'

Audio Brewers is a sample library developer pioneer in creating products in native Ambisonics. From the recording stage to mixing and delivering, we work exclusively to make sure you have sonically rich content with the utmost fidelity and realism. The company was born as a way to offer new alternatives to musicians, composers, sound designers, and producers to expand the boundaries of their creativity.




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