Contents of 'One-Sheet' in Music Industry

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Text 2021-08-17


▲ Artist One-Sheet (Laura Reed)

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Contents of 'One-Sheet' in Music Industry


A 'One-Sheet' is a concise promotional tool for artists. It is one sheet of paper that describes artists and new contents with details meant to entice a store or distributor to carry it. A One-Sheet is a targeted summary of pertinent information that might attract interest to your product, succinctly on one page. One-Sheets are given to distributors to send their retail (on-line/off-line) music stores. 



▲ Artist One-Sheet (Etiera)

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Contents of One-Sheet


- Label's name

- Contact information


- Artist name

- Name of the release

- Most include a copy of the album cover


- Specifics about individual members of a group or a short bio


- Short description of the music


- Reviews

- Quotes


- Summary of:

  • Where the artist is touring
  • Radio play
  • Any other promotional information that will create excitement about an artist


- UPC code (Universal Product Code)

- Release date


- Suggested Retail Price

- Catalog number 






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