SampleMi 'LaBassa': A Custom made Fretless Electric Bass Sample Library for Kontakt sold for a Free Donation to Charity

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Text 2021-08-23


© SampleMi

SampleMi 'LaBassa': A Custom made Fretless Electric Bass Sample Library for Kontakt sold for a Free Donation to Charity



SampleMi, the audio software company of London-based bass player and composer Michele Tacchi, has released 'LaBassa' — A custom made fretless electric bass sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt sold for a free donation to charity


Following a back injury in 2018, Michele Tacchi decided to build a custom made electric bass, modelled after his main Fender Precision Bass but considerably lighter, that would allow him to more easily carry it around for gigs. LaBassa is the sample library taken from this custom made electric bass. 


This instrument was entirely built from the ground up by his friends and family members, and it features a beautiful pyrography artwork by Italian artist Valeria Demolli. In addition, luthiers Jack Gornati, Giuseppe Lamperti, and electrician Maurizio Belloli, all contributed their skills to LaBassa. 



© SampleMi


Being a composer with a wide range of experiences and being very interested in music technology and in the world of sampling, Michele Tacchi started tinkering with the idea for a sample library, and later he developed the logical idea to sample this very special custom made instrument and capture its unique sound.


Michele Tacchi has two colleagues who helped him made LaBassa — Francesco Vocaturo is an Italian sound engineer, bass player and programmer, and he is responsible for all the audioediting, mixing, programming and scripting inside Kontakt. Stefano Belloli is a graphic designer, and he created the artwork, logos, and Kontakt skin. 


SampleMi devolves all the proceeds from the sales of Labassa to these three charities — 'ShareTheMeal', 'EMERGENCY', and 'Help Musicians'.




  • More than 2,000 high quality 48 kHz / 24 bit samples 
  • Total file size: 2.25 GB 
  • 4 Dynamic Layers 
  • 4 Round Robins 
  • 5 Articulations: Sustain, Staccato, Natural Harmonics, Palm Muted, Legato (Implemented Legato Simulation)
  • Clean GUI and intuitive controls
  • Easily map the controls to your preferred MIDI CCs
  • Use key switches to change articulations or use the included maps for Logic (Articulation Maps), Cubase (Expression Maps) and Studio One (Sound Variations) for even easier handling   
  • Native Instruments Kontakt FULL version 6 or above required




£0.00 - £30.00


(Purchase for a free donation that is 100% devolved to these charities. Alternatively, you can donate directly through the charities' official website and provide SampleMi with a valid receipt of your transaction, and they will get back to you with a download link for your library.)



For more information on 'LaBassa'











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