Audio Assault ‘AHM 5050’: A 3-Channel Dual Amp Simulator Plugin that emulates Mic Position of Any IR

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Text 2021-08-28


© Audio Assault 

Audio Assault ‘AHM 5050’: A 3-Channel Dual Amp Simulator Plugin that emulates Mic Position of Any IR 



The Mexico-based “killer” audio plugin developer Audio Assault has released 'AHM 5050' — A 3-Channel dual amp simulator plugin featuring new technology of Mic positioning. This new technology allows emulating the mic position of any IR (Impulse Response), not only built-in ones. This plugin does not work as a classic EQ filter like in other amp simulators. Audio Assault’s next generation algorithm modifies the wave of the impulse, giving a real sensation of dynamic, low and high end. AHM 5050 is based on a mix of classic British “hot-rodded" boutique amps but with a modern touch. Audio Assault team has created a tone that gives you everything from modern metal to classic rock tones and pristine cleans. 



▲ AMP section

© Audio Assault 

AHM 5050 is a 3-channel dual amp simulator plugin based on one of the most popular high-gain amps — 6L6 and EL34. AMP section shows the AHM 5050 amp with 3 channels and the channel controls. These 3 channels are ‘Lead’, ‘Crunch’ and ‘Clean’ guitar sounds. You can change the character of the amp by tweaking ‘Balance’ knob. It lets you dial precisely the tone between the 6L6 and the EL34 version. 



▲ STOMP section

© Audio Assault 

STOMP section lets you engage the 3 stomp boxes inside. ‘GATE’ is a powerful one-knob gate to remove the unwanted noises of your signal. ‘BOOST’ lets you boost your signal with low and high controls, and this is great for low tuning guitars. ‘DRIVE’ is perfect for pushing the amp for more gain or adding saturation on the clean channel.



▲ CAB section

© Audio Assault 

In CAB section, you can load and mix Cab (Cabinet) IRs with the included Dual CAB Loader. Also, you can import your IR Folder to use them without an external. You can edit the position of the mic in any IR. The dual filters (HP and LP filters) allow you to clean your guitar tone, and if you are using the amp in stereo mode you can adjust panning with PAN control. Up until now, there is no such product in the market has this kind of functionality in IR loaders.



▲ FX section

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FX section includes a graphic EQ, a delay and a reverb. With this FX section you can sculpt your tone the way you like. You can use the 9-band EQ to fit the amp to your mix and add depth to your sound with the delay and reverb.



▲ Settings/Presets section

© Audio Assault 

In Settings/Presets section, you can set your Amp Model from STANDARD and MY AMP choices. Like in the real world, every same amp sounds a little different because all electronic components have a certain tolerance. This is because capacitors, resistors, bulbs, rectifiers, etc. have a percentage threshold to have the measure with which they are sold. This is now available in Audio Assault’s amplifiers. When you register your plugin, this makes each amp unique. “MY AMP” is a proprietary feature of Audio Assault. If you activate MY AMP option, your unique amplifier will sound different with another user’s amp. On the other hand, if you set STANDARD option, your amplifier will sound the same for any user’s amp since the values of its components would be “identical” values without variations.





  • 3 channels: Lead, Crunch and Clean
  • Balance knob: It lets you dial precisely the tone between the 6L6 and the EL34 version
  • 3 stomp boxes: Gate, Boost and Drive
  • Dual Cab Loader with numerous IRs
  • FX Rack with EQ, Delay and Reverb
  • MY AMP option to get a unique tone
  • Mono and Stereo Routing



System Requirements

  • Windows (64-bit or later): VST, VST3, AAX-compatible 64-bit Digital Audio Workstation software
  • Mac OSX (VST/AU) / Intel-based Mac (64-bit): VST/AU on Mac OSX Leopard or later version (Mac OSX Sierra supported)
  • Linux (64-bit): VST-compatible 64-bit Digital Audio Workstation software




$34.99 USD


*You can download a Demo version for free. The Demo version works only for 15 minutes and preset loading & saving is disabled. 



For more information on ‘AHM 5050’











About 'Audio Assault' (

Audio Assault is a Mexico-based audio plug-in developer that creates “killer” audio plug-ins. 






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