Edu Prado Sounds ‘Rathgar Pipe Organ’: A Kontakt Library that provides Authentic Sound of An Over 100-year-old Irish Pipe Organ

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Text 2021-09-01


© Edu Prado Sounds 

Edu Prado Sounds ‘Rathgar Pipe Organ’: A Kontakt Library that provides Authentic Sound of An Over 100-year-old Irish Pipe Organ 



The Ireland-based musician, producer, and composer Edu Prado owned sound-design company Edu Prado Sounds has released 'Rathgar Pipe Organ' — A beautifully sampled Kontakt library that captures the authentic sound of the 100-plus-year-old pipe organ from the Christ Church Rathgar, in the south of Dublin, Ireland. 



© Edu Prado Sounds

The main idea of the project was to really preserve the beautiful sound of this historical instrument. The sound of pipe organ always provides the experience that is deeply connected to the space where it is in because you can not really take a pipe organ somewhere else so you usually go to the hall or to the church to experience the sound. This is the whole idea what Edu Prado Sounds team really try to capture the pipe organ in the church to make the sound as natural as possible and keep all the character and all the imperfections of the organ in the hall that makes it very unique. Preserving all the acoustic interactions and the natural imperfections of the sound of the organ in the church brings a life to this instrument. 



© Edu Prado Sounds

The Rathgar Pipe Organ is sampled with 2 mic positions, bringing unparalleled character and controls over its sound. Edu Prado Sounds team used two stereo pairs of microphones for the recording — one for closed position, which was a pair of Neumann KM184 and the other for far position in the bak of the hall, which was a pair of DPA 4006. You have the option to use one mic or the other mic or blend them as you want to really get the sound you are looking for, so there are a lot of sonic possibilities in this instrument.



© Edu Prado Sounds


The Rathgar Pipe Organ was sampled and programmed in a way to replicate the experience of going to a church and being immersed and surrounded by the real sound of the pipe organ. In fact, the Christ Church Rathgar is not that big and has like lovely wooden ceilings and carpets on the floor, and that actually provides a very rich and warm organ sound with a lot of presence and controls to the sound which you usually would not expect for a pipe organ. 



© Edu Prado Sounds 

The library offers 2 mic positions (close and far) providing unique depth and controls over the sound. It comes with 22 NKI* instruments — 12 pristine natural patches and 10 processed creative patches — and various built-in effects.


With Rathgar Pipe Organ you will get powerful and immersive authentic pipe organ sound in an easy-to-use versatile library.



* NKI format is used by Native Instruments Kontakt, a software application for downloading audio data samples. NKI files comprise Native Instruments Kontakt audio library.





  • 22 NKI Presets (12 natural patches, 10 processed patches)
  • Over 100-year-old historical organ
  • 2 Mic positions (Close and Far)
  • Authentic immersive sound of pipe organ
  • Easy to use
  • Requires Full version of Kontakt 5.8 or higher (Nor for Kontakt Player)




€77.00 EUR


(This is a limited-time offer. This product will be selling for €77.00 during the month of September 2021 then the price will be rising thereafter to €99.00.)



For more information on 'Rathgar Pipe Organ'


















About 'Edu Prado Sounds' (

Edu Prado is a musician, producer, and composer based in Dublin, Ireland. He is constantly creating new sounds to bring life and authenticity to his projects. Now he is dedicating time to make his own sounds and personal libraries available to everyone. Sounds you never imagined, at your fingertips.






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