Black Rooster Audio 'OmniTec-67A': A Vintage Preamp Plugin that emulates legendary Altec 1567A Vintage Tube Mixer

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Text 2021-09-11


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Black Rooster Audio 'OmniTec-67A': A Vintage Preamp Plugin that emulates legendary Altec 1567A Vintage Tube Mixer



The German vintage gear emulation plugins developer Black Rooster Audio has just released 'OmniTec-67A' — A vintage preamp plugin that emulates the acclaimed Altec 1567A vintage tube mixer of 1960's. This plugin brings lush vintage tube saturation (like its hardware counterpart) and is conceived as the perfect tool to add saturation, harmonics, and subtle distortion to vocal, bass, and drum tracks alike.



© Black Rooster Audio 


Altec’s acclaimed 1567A was originally released in the early Sixties as a rack-mounted tube mixer that had a simple two-knob EQ and a whopping 97 dB of gain. Back in the Sixties, the 1567A heavily influenced the sound of countless Motown hits — from The Supremes to The Temptations. It is impossible to think of Motown without thinking of the deliberately distorted and oversaturated brass sections, electric piano, bass, and vocals that gave those songs the sound that is so well known and loved today, thanks to extraordinary engineers like Russ Terrrana and Matt Wallace putting the 1567A to such good use.


Black Rooster Audio’s OmniTec-67A vintage preamp plugin has been faithfully modeled to transport this iconic sound to modern-day DAW-driven workflow, with TUBE TYPE A, B, and C providing its users with a variety of options to add warmth and saturation to a track. The three types of tube each offer a different frequency response, output gain, and harmonic range, while the BIAS control heavily influences how those tubes are driven, having an effect on their temperature and resistance — too cold (over-biased), then the valve sounds thin; too hot (under-biased), then the valve oversaturates. OmniTec-67A users can choose between LOW and HIGH voltage options to find the optimal tone for their production.



© Black Rooster Audio 

OmniTec-67A includes a LINE/MIC LEVEL switch, so users can select a source, each with its own frequency response and behavior — mic impedance verses line impedance, in other words, while the plug-in also auto-compensates at the output stage. Digging deeper, the mic input introduces the incoming signal into a microphone transformer, then into a premix amplifier, adding an additional saturation stage that users can control using the level of the incoming signal, while the line input is connected straight into the input switch. Since there is no level difference between the mic and line input in the digital world, Black Rooster Audio has helpfully compensated for the line input signal to reach the same boosted level as the mic input.


After the LINE/MIC LEVEL switch, there is an INPUT potentiometer that acts as an attenuator before the single-stage booster injects the signal into a vintage three-band EQ with meticulously-selected BASS (50 Hz), MID (400 Hz), and TREBLE (1 kHz) frequencies to attenuate or boost between -12dB to +12dB for each selected frequency — providing OmniTec-67A users with even more options than its hardware counterpart — and an OUTPUT control that acts as an attenuator, which, when combined with the EQ, makes it possible to saturate the last stage of the circuit in interesting ways. With the PHASE IN/OUT switch it is also possible to change the phase at the input level before any of the subsequent stages.



© Black Rooster Audio 


Several other notable controls directly accessible on OmniTec-67A’s photorealistic — four setting-resizable — GUI (Graphical User Interface) include a PHASE IN/OUT switch to invert the phase of the incoming signal to prevent phase cancellation in the mix; an ability to control the INPUT and OUTPUT gain by between -15dB to +15dB before or after processing, respectively; and also an ability to blend the WET (saturated) signal with the DRY signal using the MIX control.


Completing that user interface that is as easy to use as it is easy on the eye, OmniTec-67A comes complete with a beautifully-modeled VU-meter with a -14dB reference level that allows for the visualization on the amount of ‘drive’ being generated from gritty vocals to saturated kick drums and harmonically-complex mixes, the vintage classic with a twist that is OmniTec-67A can do it all, turning any audio signal into pure analog gold while its clear-cut control set shows the settings involved in doing so.





  • Inspired by the classic Altec 1567A tube preamplifier
  • 3 Tube Types
  • Line/Mic switch for basic gain staging
  • Classic 3-band equalizer
  • 2 bias voltage options
  • SSE2 optimized code
  • High DPI/Retina support




$53.90 USD



* OmniTec-67A is an AAX-, AU-, and VST-compatible plugin for Mac (OS X 10.9 or newer) and Windows (7 or newer).


** 14-day, fully-functional trial versions of all Black Rooster Audio plug-ins — including OmniTec-67A — are available by signing up for an account here. (The new License Manager uses a simple serial number-based activation system.)



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About 'Black Rooster Audio' (

Founded in 2016 by André Kirchner, Black Rooster Audio is best known for its beautifully-designed vintage gear emulation plug-ins for producing, mixing, and mastering audio. Headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany, it is passionate about combining the finest of vintage analogue sound and modern technology. 






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