Tape It 'Tape It - Songwriting': An AI-powered Recording App for iPhone targeted at Musicians and Songwriters

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Text 2021-09-13


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Tape It 'Tape It - Songwriting': An AI-powered Recording App for iPhone targeted at Musicians and Songwriters



The Berlin-and-Stockholm-based audio app developer Tape It has just released 'Tape It - Songwriting' — A music recording app for iPhone targeted specifically at musicians and songwriters. This app uses AI to drastically simplify high quality audio recording and help musicians and songwriters focus on being creative.



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Tape It turns an iPhone into a stereo microphone that records at vastly superior quality compared to existing recording apps on the markets. The app is designed both for recording and for organizing, annotating, sharing and listening to recorded ideas. It uses a range of AI algorithms and smart UX (User Experience) to help users find ideas even in a large library of recordings. Special emphasis was put on recording and listening to long songwriting and practice sessions - a common pain point with existing recording solutions.


“We built this simply based on our own music making needs”, says CEO Thomas Walther. “Existing solutions are either completely basic, or made for recording engineers. Tape It is for musicians. It is entirely designed to help you stay creative and play your instruments.”



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With its first release out, the company has laid the baseline for its wider vision to support musicians in the entire songwriting process. Up next on the roadmap are more powerful collaboration possibilities, so musicians can easily work together on song ideas regardless of their choice of instruments and studio software.


“Today bands use messenger groups to share ideas, but from a musician’s perspective, they have a lot of shortcomings. You can’t record over someone else’s idea, you can’t comment on a specific moment in a recording, and it’s easy to lose valuable discussions in long chat histories.”


In the long run, the company plans to use its experience in music AI to further improve recording quality and completely remove the need for dedicated recording equipment that most musicians still buy today.



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  • Stereo HD recording for vastly superior audio quality
  • Automatic instrument detection and smart waveforms
  • Mark your favorite recordings, and even mark special moments while you record or while you’re listening
  • Beautiful multi-line waveform for long recordings
  • Full media center integration — Listen in your car on your commute, or use your workout time to review your ideas



System Requirements

Tape It is available for all iOS devices running iOS 14 or later. Tape It’s stereo HD recording is available on iPhone XS or newer, iPhone XR, and iPhone SE (2020).






*High quality stereo recording available for a $20 annual subscription.

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About 'Tape It' (

Tape It is a small company run by musicians and software enthusiasts. Tape It was founded in 2020, and is based in Berlin and Stockholm. Led by Thomas Walther, whose previous AI start-up Sonalytic was acquired by Spotify in 2017, the company has a strong stand in both music and AI. Tape It is available for free on the Apple App Store, with high quality stereo recording available for a $20 annual subscription.






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