Ultrasonic-Sounds ‘Regardless’: A Deep House Sample Pack filled with Professional and Trendy Sounds of House Music

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Text 2021-10-18


© Ultrasonic-Sounds 

Ultrasonic-Sounds ‘Regardless’: A Deep House Sample Pack filled with Professional and Trendy Sounds of House Music 



Romanian sound design company Ultrasonic-Sounds has recently released 'Regardless (Deep House Essentials Vol.1)' — The new Deep House sample pack consists of a collection of 150 Serum presets, 475 one shots & drum loops and 5 project files for FL Studio, Ableton and Logic Pro.


‘Regardless’ comes with 20 MIDI Chord Progressions that helps you learn the mechanism behind creating catchy chord progressions. There are 10 Vocal Hooks key-labeled with dry & wet versions so you can start your tracks using some high-quality vocal samples.


‘Regardless’ costs €67 (67 EURO) and Ultrasonic-Sounds offers the option to buy it in 2 Easy Payments for €33.50/month. In addition, you can buy only parts (Serum presets, Samples or MIDI) of this sample pack sold separately costs from €10 to €28. 





  • 150 Xfer Serum presets
  • 475 One Shots & Drum Loops
  • 5 Project Files for FL Studio / Ableton / Logic Pro
  • 20 MIDI Chord Progressions
  • 10 Vocal Hooks (Key Labeled, Wet & Dry versions)
  • 1.27GB totla size



© Ultrasonic-Sounds 


€67.00 EUR

(Also, two-installment payment is available for €33.50 per month.)


*Parts sold separately:

  • Presets only (Xfer Serum Presets) - €28
  • Samples only (One Shots & Drum Loops) - €28
  • MIDI only (20 MIDI Chord Progressions) - €10


** A Free Download Edition of Regardless is available: here



For more information on 'Regardless'










About 'Ultrasonic-Sounds' (

Ultrasonic-Sounds has been releasing the best-quality House music samples in the market since 2019. The sample packs from Ultrasonic-Sounds are filled with high-quality well-known and everyday sounds ready for mixing instantly. If you are looking for a big-size library of high-quality House music sounds, then Ultrasonic-Sounds’ sample pack will be the right choice.






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