Isolate, Shape & EQ individual Cymbal hits

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Text 2021-11-29

Figure 1: A High-Pass filter set to 200 Hz to reduce drum bleed in the cymbal samples

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Isolate, Shape & EQ individual Cymbal hits


To prepare cymbal samples from the overhead microphones, there a few additional considerations. The overhead microphones capture the sound of all of the drum set, not just the cymbals. You will need to apply EQ to reduce the bleed through.



1) Separate the Closed Hi-Hat, Open Hi-Hat and Crash Cymbal regions.


2) Title them appropriately.


3) Delete the unused regions in your overhead track.


4) Apply a High-Pass filter at about 200 Hz to the three cymbal regions.

(In this article, I am dealing with 1-Band EQ III in Pro Tools. See the Figure 1 above.)


5) Normalize the three regions.






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