Terms that widely used in Music Field

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Terms that widely used in Music Field 


Musician: a person that tries to support oneself through musical endeavors, performances, and his/her talents. 


Mobile Disc-Jockey: a disc-jockey with his/her own equipment that plays for parties at different locations, for different groups and functions.


Production Manager: a person in charge of handling business arrangements (sometimes including travel and accommodations) for the performance or show, and is usually responsible for the stage and equipment.


Production Assistant: an assistant to the production manager and a person that helps to set up shows.


Lighting Director: a person in charge of show lighting and the lighting team.


Technician: usually a person with expertise and experience of a specific knowledge of equipment operation and maintenance (such as keyboards, guitars, and drums).


Discography: a summary of recordings that the performer has done that has been released or distributed for sale to the general public.


Release: when a product/material is officially offered for sale to the public.



a) the process of releasing a product to the general public.

b) the payment of money earned from royalties collected from original material performed for media.


Performance Rights Organization (P.R.O.): organizations that keep track of (and pay) musician's, composer's, author's, and publisher's royalties. (e.g. ASCAP, BMI, SESAC.)


Publisher: exploits a songwriter's music.


Royalties: when a person writes a song that is released to the public he/she gets paid a % (based on a specific formula) every time his/her material is performed for media or broadcast.


Artist: a performer or a talent. 


A&R: Artist & Relations. (usually a record company representative)


Tour: a series of shows by the performer at different locations locally, nationally, and/or internationally. 


Gig: a show, a performance, or a job.


Session: usually means recording time.


Rehearsal: practice time in preparation for show or performance.


Studio: a recording space or location. 


Axe: slang term for a musician's instrument.


Hook: slang term for a music mix.






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