A Concept of Song Licensing

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A Concept of Song Licensing



Before a song can be released in any format (MP3, CD, Cassette, TV, Commercials, etc.) the user must get permission from the owner of that song. The owner of that copyright grants the user permission the right to release that song. This is referred to as "Granting a license". Licenses are usually issued or granted by the publishing companies. If a song has been released at least once before, the license will be automatically granted.


Synchronization Licensing

When a song is used in a movie or on TV, the producer of the show or film must get permission from the publisher to use the song. If the publisher and producer can negotiate the money, the producer will be granted a license. This is called 'A Sync License'. The rate of payment varies and is totally arbitrary depending on what the publisher feels the song is worth. 






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