Exercises for Solutions to the Real-World Problems in Recording Studio

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Text 2022-05-10

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Exercises for Solutions to the Real-World Problems in Recording Studio


In this article, you will be asked 3 questions that require you to use the information derived from your listening skills and daily ear training exerices and apply them to the real-world problems in recording studio.




1. Suppose you have a kick drum track that your client says "Lacks attack and power". How would you go about equalizing the kick drum sound to improve the sound quality?

(Keep in mind that the client has used terms that are very subjective. As such, they can mean different things to different people. Use your own sense of what is meant and apply that to your equalizer solutions.)


*Example guide for solution to this question:

Raise 55Hz - 110Hz value from the kick drum track



2. Somewhere in the middle of a recording session, the building's heating boiler kicked in. Not only did it heat the recording studio (a good thing), it also introduced a low level, very low frequency signal into the tracks from that time on (a bad thing). How would you go about removing the offensive, non-musical signal using equalization?


*Example guide for solution to this question:

Cut 58Hz value from the tracks affected.



3. When you recorded the band's vocalist as an overdub, the producer was happy with the sound during the recording session. However, when it came time to mix, the producer complained that the voice could not be understood well enough when mixed into the whole track. What equalization might you try to help the intelligibility of the vocalist?

(Just raising the vocalist level is not an option.)


*Example guide for solution to this question:

- Boost more 3.52 kHz on the vocal track.

- Cut other instruments' frequency value in this area.






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