Information on Measuring Cost of Sampling

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Information on Measuring Cost of Sampling


A sample is an audio snapshot of records (CD, LP, Vinyl, etc.) used in new musical compositions. Permission to use parts of those recordings must be granted by the original copyright holder before the new recording can be released. Fee is based (negotiated) upon how prominent the original recording stands out in the new track. That fee is also based upon how many seconds or minutes of the original recording the user intends to consume in the new composition. Sampling times can range from a few seconds to the entire song (background track). Fees start at $2,500 USD. If the recording being sampled was a hit, the original copyright holder will most likely also request points (%) on the new record. Percentage points range from 1 to 5 points.





Sampling the Circuits: The Case for a New Comprehensive Scheme for Determining Copyright Infringement as a Result of Music Sampling, John S. Pelletier, Washington University Law Review (Volume 89, Issue 5, 2012)




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