Envelope Generator of Synthesizer

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Text 2022-07-26


Envelope Generator of Synthesizer


An envelope generator of synthesizer generates an aperiodic (non-repeating) control signal, usually used to automate changes in a filter or amplifier. Also, it usually creates a pattern of perceived change in timbre or loudness for each note played on a MIDI controller. 

  • ATTACK: affects the duration of the rise in level at the beginning of an envelope.
  • DECAY: affects the duration of the fall in the envelope's level that occurs right after the attack.
  • SUSTAIN: affects the level of the steady (unchanging) section of the envelope that begins just after the decay. The duration of the sustain section is determined by the length of the MIDI note. 
  • RELEASE: affects the duration of the final fall in the envelope's level that occurs after the sustain section (as soon as the MIDI note is released).






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