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Mixing To Picture


Please assume that you are given a multitrack Pro Tools session of a live concert performance by an artist. The performance was videotaped and recorded live to a 16-track digital workstation. The video was edited and the raw audio tracks were transferred to Pro Tools for mixing. You will need to edit and mix the music according to what you see on the video image. This is not a typical CD mixing job, since you will have to support the actions that occur on the screen. For example, if the camera focuses on one performer, his or her instrument should be emphasized at that moment. Moreoevr, you will need to convey the live feel from the performance: the listener/viewer should be transported to the actual moment when it occured. Still, you will need to do all the things typical of a regular mixing job: you will have to improve the sonic quality of each track; get rid of any noises and/or mistakes that may have been made during the performance; and mix all the tracks together, looking to attain a balance in dynamics, frequency content, and spatial characteristics. 






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