Backpullver Software 'Vatanator Pro': The Advanced Multitrack Music Sequencer for iPad with Integrated Drum Machine, Sampler and Functionality to Load External AUv3 Instruments and Effects

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Text 2022-09-19


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Backpullver Software 'Vatanator Pro': The Advanced Multitrack Music Sequencer for iPad with Integrated Drum Machine, Sampler and Functionality to Load External AUv3 Instruments and Effects 



The Bulgarian electronic music software development company Backpullver Software has recently released 'Vatanator Pro' — an advanced multitrack music sequencer with integrated drum machine, sampler and functionality to load external AUv3 instruments and effects. Vatanator Pro is an all-in-one music composer for instant results with full MIDI and MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) support. Vatanator Pro is for iPad only. 


Here are some brief explanations on the features of Vatanator Pro from the company:

  • Advanced multi-track music sequencer with MIDI options and arpeggiator
  • Integrated drum kit editor & sample recorder with automatic slice kit creation
  • Real-time drum sampler with individual effects and XY pad for hands-on control
  • On-screen piano and isomorphic keyboard for playing or recording AUv3 instruments
  • Easy import of audio or MIDI files to create a track
  • Recording patterns in real-time, adding effects and creating a mix with the multi-channel mixer



© Backpullver Software 

Vatanator Pro provides powerful sequencer for creating patterns in detail. For drum sequencer, Extended step editor can be used for modifying each step an instrument’s volume, pitch and panorama per selected instrument. Volumes of steps can be edited in real-time by touching and any of the steps can have particular pitched sound during sequence play. Sliding left and right on panorama field will cause the sound to be more audible on the left or right channel. For instrument sequencer, each instrument track has independent sequence and settings. Selecting instrument track will show the corresponding sequence depending on track type such as instrument, audio sampler or audio track. This instrument sequencer supports MPE mode.



© Backpullver Software

The sample editor of Vatanator Pro provides users with the control of an individual volume amplification for each of the eight instruments. It also allows users to control graphics of ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release) via touching and moving the key points. For the purpose of easy control of instruments and master volume, a classical audio mixer is equipped in Vatanator Pro. In the mixer, each channel has a set of controls for volume, panorama, mute and solo. Vatanator Pro provides classic horizontal DAW layout for creating a song. The arrangement of the patterns can be done by dragging the patterns to sequence line.



© Backpullver Software

Vatanator Pro provides 20 preloaded scales. Selecting one of the scales will rearrange the piano keyboard, giving possibilities to compose melodies in unison. The provided arpeggiator consists of parameters such as mode (up, down, up/down, random), octave range, note accent and length, and bpm sync. Vatanator Pro supports MIDI Network - when it’s “on”, a list of available peers that you can join to will be listed. With MIDI Network, you can create MIDI Network session on your studio workstation and this will be available in Vatanator Pro. Vatanator Pro also supports advanced MIDI implementation and MIDI Learn function. Users can connect their external MIDI device to Vatanator Pro and use it to control all sliders and parameters in real-time.




  • Audio Unit Extension Host
  • Advanced multi-track music sequencer
  • Edit and record patterns in real-time (with options for quantization, undo and more)
  • Integrated real-time drum sampler with individual effects and XY pad
  • On-screen piano keyboard for playing/recording AUv3 instruments
  • Isomorphic keyboard with option for selecting different scales
  • Full MIDI implementation (Bluetooth MIDI, Network MIDI and USB MIDI)
  • MIDI Learn implementation
  • Integrated drum repeater and instrument arpeggiator
  • MPE support
  • Parameter automation (AUv3 and internal parameters)
  • Song arranger
  • Performance Mode (use multi-touch to control patterns)
  • Drum kit editor (with ability for rearrange/remove/add samples)
  • Sample recorder and advanced sample slicer
  • Audiobus, Ableton Link, Ableton Live Set Export and Inter-App Audio support
  • Import Audio/MIDI files from Files app
  • Audio track support
  • Multi-channel mixer
  • Odd-time signature support
  • Option to autosave/load last project



System Requirements

  • Apple iPad
  • Requires iPad OS 12.0 or later
  • Supported Language: English
  • File Size: 91.3 MB




$22.99 USD


*You can purchase 'Vatanator Pro' from App Store: here



For more information on 'Vatanator Pro'












About 'Backpullver Software' (

Backpullver Software is a dedicated team of electronic musicians with passion for creating electronic music instruments. We are located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Vatanator iOS applications are result of our hard work building a product that to fit our needs when playing music live or at home. For our musical activities you can check out our SoundCloud page.






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