Adding Short Delay Into Backing Vocal Track

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Figure 1: Short Delay setting on the Backing Vocal track (Pro Tools Mod Delay III plug-in)

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Adding Short Delay Into Backing Vocal Track


This set-up of a short delay will create an interesting stereo phase shifter effect on your backing vocal track. Listen to this effect and listen for what it does to the sound's harmonics.



1) Make sure you are in loop playback mode.

(In this article, I am dealing with Mod Delay III plug-in of Pro Tools.)


2) With the Selector tool highlight the audio region of the backing vocals in your Backing Vocal track.


3) Hit Play and make sure the section that loops indeed has the backing vocals in it.


4) Solo the Backing Vocal track.


5) At its Insert choose 'Mod Delay III' (mono/stereo).


6) Hit Play.


7) When the track is playing in a loop set the delay exactly as in Figure 1 (above picture).



Notice that the right channel of the delay has the phase button on. This puts the right channel of the delay 'Out of Phase' by 180 degrees. Notice that the delay times and the modulation rates differ for each side of the control parameter page. Move on when ready. 






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