Microphone bandwidth

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Text 2018-12-31

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- A range of frequency

: Condenser Mic has widest bandwidth

: Ribbon Mic has least (narrowest) bandwidth


e.g.) If you use a ribbon microphone for acoustic guitar recording, it makes ‘smooth’ sounds (because not-wide frequency response makes sounds smooth)




Perception of Distance or Depth

<For Human Ear>


1) Direct sound/Reverberant Ratio:

- The louder the reverberant, the greater the distance


2) High Frequency content:

- The greater the distance, the less high frequency contents (more darker)


*Control High/Low Frequency content to adjust a room size*


▲ Ribbon microphone (Royer R-121):

"Smaller the ribbon, better high frequency"

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In ‘Contrast’

- Condenser: Closest

- Dynamic: Next…

- Ribbon: Farthest


*Since most microphones have similar Low & Mid frequency range, but has different “High Frequency”, we should figure out space and contrast by pick-up a right Mic for the situation*



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