Doppler Effect and Hammond Organ

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Doppler Effect and Hammond Organ


The sound of a siren from the fire truck passing by me is getting bigger and higher pitch when the truck is coming toward me. On the other hand, the sound of the siren that is moving away from me is heard smaller and the pitch is lower. As such, when the sound source moves, the pitch of the sound heard by the listener is changing as the location of the sound source changes. This phenomenon is called the Doppler effect. 




▲ Hammond Organ




▲ Leslie speaker used with the Hammond organ




▲ The inside of Leslie speaker




As seen in the above photo, it is a Leslie speaker used with the Hammond organ. This is a rotary speaker, which is a speaker of a structure in which two hybrid speakers inside the speaker box generating a Doppler effect while rotating by a motor. These two rotating speakers consist of a high frequency horn and a low frequency rotor. Gears and belts of the speakers are spun around by the power of motor, producing a unique Doppler effect that became deeply associated with the Hammond organ sound.







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