Brass Settings for Recording

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Text 2019-07-15

▲ Brass EQ Setting in Pro Tools

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Brass Settings for Recording


1. EQ chart for Brass recording

Frequency Range Characteristics
Below 200 Hz


*Cut this area of frequency using High Pass Filter to reduce masking with bass, kick drum, or vocals

2 kHz


*Boost this area of frequency to improve presence

5 kHz


*Boost this area of frequency if you want bright sound of brass instruments

8 kHz -      


*Cut this area of frequency using Low Pass Filter if you don't want noises from performer's key click or reed vibration 





2. Compression settings for Brass recording

Parameters Characteristics
Attack time


*If attack time is too fast then the compressor may kill the transient of brass sound so make the sound dull

Release time

Medium to Fast

*It depends on Tempo. The tempo is slower, the release time is longer (vice versa).



*You can adjust ratio setting depend on the dynamics of the music

(More dynamics, higher ratio / Vice versa)


- 10 dB ~

*You can lower threshold level if you want more compressed sounds. (In this case, you'll lose dynamics of brass   sounds)





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