[Acoustics] Lab 10: Plucked Guitar with Pick / without Pick

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Text 2019-08-29

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Plucked Guitar with Pick / without Pick


This video demonstrates the concept of the Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release (ADSR) envelope and how it relates to how we describe sounds. These examples are the same instrument with different ADSR characteristics (peak-to-average ratios, tone and time envelopes). You should attempt to hear the timbre differences and think about them in terms of time/envelope issues that can be manipulated with audio processors. On the first attempt (plucked guitar with pick), the peak-to-average ratio (P/A ratio) is high because of the pick. On the second attempt (plucked guitar without pick), the peak-to-average ratio here is not as high as in the previous attempt because the finger is used which has a softer, not as sharp attack time. Constrast this with the previous attempt.










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