Stereo Doubling

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Text 2020-01-31


Figure 1: Parameters settings for 'Stereo Doubling' (Pro Tools MOD DELAY III plug-in)    

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Stereo Doubling


The lead vocalist has done his/her vocal recording and left the building of the recorded vocal audio track. And now you have an idea that you would like to 'thicken' his/her vocal with a second one. What to do to make the vocal sound thicker? It's 'Stereo Doubling'. It's not the same as  having the real thing, but it is an effective and interesting sound. Here is how to make 'Stereo Doubling' effect:


1) Add a delay plug-in to the lead vocal track's insert. (In this article, I am dealing with MOD DELAY III in Pro Tools. see the Figure 1 above.)


2) Select a region where the vocal performs and hit play.


3) Solo the vocal track.


4) Set-up the plug-in as shown in Figure 1. (Left channel: Mix = 30%, Delay = 80.00 ms | Right channel: Mix = 30%, Delay = 157.0 ms)


5) Once the plug-in is set up, listen to it in the mix and get a good balance. 





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