Rough Mix: A Preliminary Step of Mixing for First-Time Listening Music

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Text 2020-02-04


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Rough Mix: A Preliminary Step of Mixing for First-Time Listening Music 


Rough Mix is a series of preliminary mixing processes in which a mixing engineer grasps the overall characteristics of the music - the composition of music and the characteristics of the sound - by the music tracks already recorded elsewhere. 



The mixing engineer first sets the master level of the music while grasping the overall context of the music during the rough mix process, which is conducted while watching the peak values of each instrument. At this time, the engineer works in advance to prevent the various problems that may happen during the mix-down process, such as dissonance of the level balance or distortion due to excessive output.



The first thing to do in the rough mix is to listen carefully to the rhythm of the music, and in this process, you can examine whether the sound of the kick drum and the melody lines of bass guitar are in harmony each other. When this process is over, find out if the tone of the snare drum is in harmony with the sound of the vocals. At this time, software plug-ins can be used to adjust the pitch of the snare drum and the vocals appropriately so that the two sounds can match each other well. If the sound of the snare drum masks the sound of the vocal, the pitch of the snare drum can be lowered to prevent the masking effect.






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